4 Ways To Make Your Instagram Account More Popular

When the photo and video-sharing social media platform started becoming a serious content marketing, networking and audience building tool for brands and individuals, businesses began realising the true potential behind becoming more approachable and connecting on a deeper level with their audience. As a digital...

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Persona Designs And Why You Need Them

Personas are documents describing fictional people, based on research of real users. A common tool in UX (user experience) design, personas are the result of your ability to put yourself in your customer’s shoes - understand their struggles, needs, aspirations, and social environments....

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9 Free Keyword Research Tools

There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a website. From finding the right photos to ensuring visitors can easily access and understand the interface, websites are the window into your business and brand - which is why it only makes sense to use the...

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Leverage Your Database To Drive Sales

Better data produces better results. As a business or a digital marketing agency, we all know this is one of the core elements of business application. Today’s technology-driven and consumer-centric world, using big data is almost a requirement. ...

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How To Find Your Unique Brand Voice

In today’s post, we’re discussing the importance of building a brand to make sure your business endures. The most beloved of companies have many things in common - one of them being an investment in a consistent personality that’s immediately recognisable....

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Can Lead Generation Work Without A Website?

As we well know, the Internet plays a very important role in helping new businesses reach potential customers, especially with the shift to digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a digital marketing agency based out of Africa, we understand the relevance of being Internet-aware...

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