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It can be frustratingly difficult to find the right marketing or digital talent—we know. The good news is that we can make that frustration a thing of the past. Our marketing recruitment team at Tribe of Brands has an in-depth understanding of the marketing landscape and the pains that companies face trying to find talent with the right set of skills, technical knowledge and depth.


Finding the right match is possible. With our growing database of traditional and digital marketers, we pride ourselves on being able to address our clients needs by finding the right talent for the right roles at the right price.

Making connections

Digital marketing has a range of different disciplines – from digital marketing generalists, to social media marketers, web developers, search engine specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, CRM specialists – and the list goes on.


All of these disciplines are fuelled by creativity and a significant level of technical expertise. Indeed, digital marketing is an exciting blend of creative and technical; of art and science; of storytelling and analytics – a wonderful blend that’s like a language of its own. But like every language, it can be confusing or convincing, depending on how well you speak it. No need to worry about that though. At Tribe of Brands, we speak digital marketing fluently, and our rigorous evaluation process and proprietary tools enable us to assess digital skills and competencies way beneath the surface level, and to provide you with candidates that have robust and proven digital marketing abilities.

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We speak marketing. So whether you’re a start-up, a small boutique company, a big corporate entity or a brand looking to establish your marketing processes, brand presence or internal structure, Tribe of Brands can help you find, negotiate with and retain the very best staff.

Finding the right people

Hiring the wrong talent can be expensive, so getting it right the first time is our priority for you. Hiring digital talent ‘first time right’ at Tribe of Brands means having a robust method of translating client needs into an airtight identification, recruitment, evaluation and selection process that enables us to find you the best talent available.


Our simple six-step process below is supported by our proprietary tools and techniques that candidates are taken through to ensure that they not only ‘speak digital’ but that their ability to implement what they say they can is demonstrated.

Step 1

Candidate Identification

Step 2

Candidate Pre-Screening

Step 3

Candidate Shortlist 1

Step 4

Candidate Shortlist 2

Step 5

Candidate/Client Interviews

Step 6

Contract Negotiation

Don’t lose any more sleep trying to find the right marketing talent for you. Our marketing talent recruitment team are here to help you find the right people to drive your brand visibility and growth agenda. Contact us to find out more.

Services include:

A comprehensive database of digital marketing generalists and specialists

Nurturing and negotiation for the client

Sourcing and in-depth screening of candidates

Contracting support to the client

Verification of candidates’ expertise

Candidate screening for right cultural fit