The Coolest Art Projects In Africa


“I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.” – Kwame Nkrumah 


There is an irresistible quality to art, in the elegant aesthetic of traditional sculptures to the decorative motifs on cloth. But art is more than just physical beauty. 


It represents the history of a society, an individual’s aspirations and overcoming of fears, and a generation’s beliefs and love for food in abstract forms. It opens up conversations between diverse sets of people, and expression overcoming language and cultural barriers. 


As an Africa-based digital marketing agency, we aspire to bring the best of our values and culture to you through our work – and there’s no better way to represent that than through art projects. Like our SEO, social media, or content marketing practices, the most important part of art projects is not always finding a “correct” or “defined” end result, but the creative process itself. 


Khamsa Hand Prints 


Co-founded by Andrea Mulder-Slater, the Kinder Art Club held a project for children with the intent of helping students learn about the symbolism in cultural arts. It also allows students to learn and use design elements through the handprints. 

Image Source: Kinder Art 


Also known as the Moroccan Good Luck Hand, ‘khamsa’ means five in Arabic, and is traditionally made out of metal. 


My Monster Art Project


A South African enterprise, this art project comes under the Butterfly Art Project (BAP). A “community of active facilitators”, the BAP volunteers use their creative skills in vulnerable communities to inspire people through art. 

Image Source: The Butterfly Project 


In their 2020 art campaign, BAP aimed to encourage children to face whatever life throws at them by helping them identify problems and fears, and explore ways of expressing and fighting the monsters (in whatever form, from dragons to bullies) they encounter. Some questions you ask yourself are: does your monster help you in some way? When did you meet it? Does it live in you, or outside?  


The African Culture Fund 


Through their call for proposals, the African Culture Fund (ACF) financially supports artists and African cultural and creative organisations. 


“The challenge of the Fund is to be able to support diverse needs of professionalisation, at all the value chain levels … economic, social and human development in Africa.” – Mamou DAFFE, ACF President 

Image Source: African Culture Fund Art Gallery


The ACF funds African entrepreneurs’ projects with an aim for their professionalisation, and uses its donations for good governance and transparency rules. A noble undertaking, the ACF is committed to “always objectively prioritise” the needs of African artists.


The Gratitude Project


A seven-month-long project in 2019, the Gratitude Project (also under the Butterfly Art Project) taught its participants artistic mediums from fabric painting to embroidery – all to create a masterpiece to show what they were most grateful for. In a world where challenges and negativity flourishes, it’s small projects like these that help bring us back to the importance of our social relationships, gives us avenues for healthy coping mechanisms, and reminds us to be kind.

Image Source: The Butterfly Project 


Giving people a space to represent experiences they may not be able to verbalise, the Gratitude Project encourages group work to build a sense of inclusion, break social barriers, and relate to diverse groups. 


Through these opportunities, we can learn to appreciate our cultural values and artefacts across time and regions. Experiences in art and design enable us to reflect critically on our work, which is something our marketing agency can help you do. 


Tribe of Brands can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys, and digital marketing campaigns.



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