How to Use Quora For Content Marketing and Keyword Research

Imagine a platform that generates evergreen traffic, even years after content marketing efforts.


Now, look at Quora.


What is it?


It’s a Q&A community where anyone can ask questions, and anyone can give answers, usually opinion-based. You can get answers from real experts, or people in the relevant industries. Unlike regular search engines, Quora provides more nuanced and emotional answers. Like other websites with user-generated content (think Wikipedia or Pinterest), Quora is a gold mine of SEO and content marketing strategies.  


How can I use Quora for keyword research?


Using keyword research tools is a great idea here because people ask questions in everyday language on topics that aren’t filtered through by algorithm suggestions. Using tools like – for example – Ahrefs, you can just take a post’s URL and add its suggested keywords to your list for terms to use in your own posts. Quora generates a lot of organic traffic because its content is indexed by Google, and many of its pages rank highly for some of the most competitive keywords on the Internet. 

How to Use Quora For Content Marketing and Keyword Research. Digital Odyssey Blog.

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How can I use Quora for content marketing?


Quora is not only a great way to find keywords for content, but also what that content should look like. Check out the best responses on Quora for a particular topic, what sources they’ve used and concepts they’ve focused on. This can help you curate content that is inspirational, possibly humorous, and relevant to what’s being sought after. Content marketing in this way means you rank higher and receive more views, followers, and engagements on your overall profile. 


To rank on Quora, you can: 

  • Give extensive answers, as they rank for keywords.
  • Use relevant images, as they’re attention-catching and can increase the emotion felt while reading.
  • Format well. Use pointers, italics, anecdotes, and even images to keep readers engaged and increase reading time spent on your post. 
  • Create new, evergreen content that people can relate to, rather than dry, short responses, and write engaging headlines that make people want to read. 


Quora can be a content marketers dream – it combines B2B niches like LinkedIn, B2C on Facebook, and has long-form content for blogging. If you have a target audience that well uses Quora, you can build an audience base using smart content tactics and linking back to your website.


Why you should use it. 


More than just for marketers wanting to increase traffic, Quora can also be for companies looking to connect to audiences and get honest feedback. Our digital marketing agency knows how to use these online communities to build brand loyalty and push traffic to your website as well.  

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