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How to select a web design agency?

Website building can be overwhelming. 


Exciting, but overwhelming. 


The complexities of web design, strategy and marketing can be evasive, or require specialisation and time that you don’t have at your disposal. 


That’s where web design agencies come in.


We understand that website builders for people who don’t code are great, but agencies can help you improve returns on digital investments with the experience, skills and perspectives of professionals who are passionate about what they do, and want to do it well for you.  


Your website is the first thing potential clients see, so you want your site to not only give an idea of what you are and do, but also your brand essence. To protect your business from choosing someone who doesn’t align with your needs, we’ve zeroed in on some things to keep in mind while selecting a digital marketing agency for your next web design project. 


What are your goals for this website? 


Your website is more than just pretty design, it is one of your best marketing tools. One of the first questions you want to ask is: what do I want this website to do? 

  • Lead generation
  • Integrate with your marketing automation tool 
  • Link with your social media/email marketing platform 
  • Collect payments, donations, fill out forms and subscriptions

And: what are some major features I want included?

  • SEO (search engine optimisation) content and infographics
  • User-friendly navigation 
  • Secure online forms 
  • Ecommerce facilities


One Stop Shop. 


There are a lot of web designers out there. When selecting an agency, look for one that offers the entire suite of integrated services to support your needs – from design, development to marketing. This allows you to establish a solid digital presence with one agency that knows all your needs, as well as a rapport with the team itself. 


More Than Just Looks. 


Everyone can develop beautiful websites. The challenge, then, is in designing websites that are both beautiful and provide great user experience (UX). In addition, they should be SEO-optimised, frequently updated, and understand your marketing goals. 



Image Source: What Affects UX? 


Plan For Content Development. 


When you select the right web design agency, they ask about content development. Do you have a copywriter on staff, or do you want them to provide one of theirs who can work seamlessly along with the design strategy? Regardless of what you choose, ensuring that there is continuity in content is important.  


Don’t Be Coy. 


Don’t be shy to discuss budgets. Knowing your budget range (and theirs) is a good way to start conversation, and prices will always vary according to the services offered and accepted. Pointing out your budget range early in the conversation can help you avoid spending a lot more than you wanted to, on services you don’t need. 


Review Us. (+Testimonials). 


Every established agency has past clients. Want to know what to expect from a particular agency? Look at the work they’ve done for other companies. You can even call their previous clients and ask how satisfied they are with the work done. 


Take a look at the agency’s portfolio. They can give insights into industry experience, creative skills, and complex coding abilities. More than just a good-looking website, look for: 

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Do they develop mobile-friendly websites? 
  • Do they follow the latest web design trends?
  • Does the entire website follow a similar structure and flow? 

Image Source: Timmermann Group 


Understand the agency’s culture. This speaks of their working style and personality. You can do this by checking them out on social media, online reviews on Google or Facebook, and how involved they are with their industry and community. 


Client Retention. 


More than just working with past clients, how well has the agency been able to retain them? When agencies have higher retention rates – around 60 to 90 percent – and publish it, you know they can give you the results you want. 


While we’ve written on what to keep in mind before approaching an agency, it’s still important to reiterate on the process. Know your rights as a customer, and ask the hard questions. This can include customer support, who will be responsible for your website once it launches, who will update, and workable.  


Why not just have an in-house team?


We understand the appeal of having your own employees do your web designing. However, having this team manage your digital marketing efforts can be difficult, as the required skills are hard to come by, or expensive. Using the services of a professional agency not only allows you to effectively manage your time and resources, but meet deadlines on time, gain new perspectives, and give your business the space it needs to grow. 


So let us be that for you. Tribe of Brands can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas of how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys and digital marketing campaigns.


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Anna Ferenczy, Managing Director of Tribe of Brands.

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