How To Find Your Unique Brand Voice

We have a question for you. 


If your logo didn’t appear with your content somewhere, would people still be able to recognise you? 


In today’s post, we’re discussing the importance of building a brand to make sure your business endures. The most beloved of companies have many things in common – one of them being an investment in a consistent personality that’s immediately recognisable. 


More than just a visual identity, a brand also has elements of tone and voice, which our digital marketing agency can help you create. 


What is a brand voice?


It’s the personality and emotion in a company’s communications. It embodies and expresses your brand’s personality and core values through the words that you use to talk to your audience. 


Your brand voice reflects the experience people have had with your brand. It isn’t something that can be tangentially experienced, rather, it aids the visuals that define your brand identity. When words are used effectively, they shape the way your brand is perceived, which is why you need a definitive style of writing + speaking, also known as the tone of voice. 

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Why does it matter?


This is an important question. Why should we look at our brand voice when we should be focusing on making us sound human? 

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Your brand voice isn’t about negating this process of sounding human. It’s about being consistent in the process of creating this voice. It’s about showing that you can be easily identified, and are an authority in your field. Having a powerful brand voice playing an important role in getting your message across amid all the noise, and leaving a lasting impression on customers. 


How can I find mine? 


Let’s take Harley-Davidson as an example. 

Image Source: Heather Rueppel


This is a great example of a rugged, aggressive voice. Some brands are playful and cheerful, but Harley-Davidson definitely isn’t – it challenges the viewer to prove they’re capable of handling one of their vehicles. It resonates with bold, fiercely independent viewers, or at least invokes feelings of confidence and freedom in people through their words. 



  • Describe your brand voice in a few words. If your brand was a person, how would you describe them? What are their personality traits? Think about your brand personas, and what appeals to them. 
  • Ensure content creators know how to put your brand voice into action. Talk to your team. Create a chart that explains your brand voice, words to use and stay away from, and the overall message you want to get across, and have them go through it to use as a reference sheet.
  • Do an audience survey. Make a poll to ask them how they see your brand. This can include “how would you describe our brand?” or “if we were a person, what would we sound like?”
  • Revisit your brand voice as your company evolves. Companies evolve, just like people. Every quarter, meet up with your content creators and communication managers to see what voice elements worked, and which ones didn’t. Maybe you found that customers respond better to a more quirky tone, rather than the aspirational one you were going for.



We know how to achieve a consistent brand experience. Tribe of Brands can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys, and digital marketing campaigns.



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