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Digital Marketing has opened the doors of opportunity when it comes to advertising: ads can be more specific, effective and widespread than ever. But, more options mean more complications – that’s where we come in. Google is the most prolific search engine out there, and for most of us, when we think of the Internet, the multi-coloured Google logo immediately springs to mind. From Gmail to Google Maps, Google is revolutionising the Internet and the way we interact with each other online. So it only makes sense that Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is one of the biggest and best ways to get your message across in the modern era – but it’s not without controversy.


Google ads may be effective, but there are a couple of potential issues for advertisers. Programmatic advertising (that is – advertising that’s done by a computer as opposed to a person) can easily make mistakes, such as placing adverts on potentially controversial web
pages. This article from the The Guardian looks at a case of paid adverts appearing on YouTube videos with inappropriate content, which contradicted the advertised brand’s message and values.


A quick search (on Google, of course) will reveal how many different options there are when using Google ads, and how many different things can impact your reach. For example – it’s possible to buy a word on Google, which means that searchers will see your advert when searching that word. Who can buy what word, however, is not limited, which means that your competitors are able to buy the name of your business as an ad word. Seems complicated, right? It is.


That’s where experts come in handy. Here at Tribe if Brands, we specialise in digital marketing and in using it to its full potential – whatever that means for your business in particular.


When used right, digital marketing is an opportunity for advertising that is more successful than ever before. Tribe of Brands is an expert in all things Internet, and we’ll help you to create a personalised online marketing campaign that effectively navigates the complex waters of the Internet.


Tools like Search Engine Optimisation, when used in collaboration with paid services such as buying an ad word from Google, can ensure that your business comes up on top whenever someone searches for anything relevant. That means that not only is your message reaching a lot of people, it’s reaching the right people – those who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Tribe of Brands will design a marketing strategy that takes all of these factors into account in order to help your business reach its full potential.


Tribe of Brands
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