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Facebook Apps To Rev Up Your Marketing


With the constant increase of businesses shifting online, there is a constant struggle to stand out and separate yourself from the crowd. How does one do that on Facebook specifically? Solution: Apps, or applications. It is no surprise that the best Facebook pages use apps integrated with the platform. Whether to get feedback from customers or to post live content, brands are using tools that resonate with the needs of their target audiences, whilst plugging in with the Facebook algorithm to boost engagement.


There is an app for almost anything and everything you can dream up to do for marketing, and Facebook Apps take it a step further. We have compiled a list of ten popular ones that Facebook page managers swear by, and are also our favourite.


Pages Manager app


The Pages Manager app allows you to see and analyse insights, track activity, and reply to customers instantly. With this app, you can manage up to 50 pages from your phone.




You are able to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page which by default helps you gain followers. In addition, if you use your Facebook Page to create ads, you are also able to share them on Instagram if you wish. You can also post the same content between the two apps and attend to comments on Instagram ads from your Facebook page dashboard.




Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms, post at the best times of the day and also help place campaigns well in advance. It saves time, and helps your page stay active outside of the normal working hours of your organisation. Beyond saving time, scheduling allows your page to stay active outside of traditional 9-5 work hours. You can also designate team leaders to approve outgoing posts to make sure they fit the brand’s story.




If you use email newsletters in communicating with customers, you should have a sign-up link/tab on your Facebook page. Integrating MailChimp on your page can help create a sign-up form for new subscribers and then you can promote it with ads to boost reach.




Canva provides thousands of templates for everything you need for your online engagement. It is particularly valuable for admins who do not have a strong graphic design background. You are able to tailor all templates to what you want to create and post on your page. With Canva, you also don’t need to worry about sourcing and licensing stock photos.


Facebook Pixel


This analytics tool, help make sure you can track and target your ads effectively. With Pixel, you are able to connect with specific types of customers, set up automatic bidding, and better understand the customer buying path.


WhatsApp business


If you have WhatsApp (whether or not it is your primary source of communication), you should connect it to your Facebook page. Once connected, you have the choice of running ads that click to your WhatsApp Business account.




Facebook’s live stream capability directly within the app helps you interact with your audience effectively. Although, Livestream’s Facebook Live feature is currently available to its Premium members, allowing them to retain ownership of their content while reaching a larger audience.




Brands run a poll for various reasons ranging from market research to increasing engagement amongst its followers. SurveyMonkey offers tools to create surveys and polls specifically for your Facebook page. You can create an original survey or base one off a template. You get guided tips throughout the creation stage, and poll results are provided automatically. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, you can also access a targeted group, increasing your chances of hearing back from the right people. Followers are also able to complete your survey directly in the Messenger app.




Video is one of the top ways to attract engagement on social media. Even with no editing experience, Animoto’s pre-built video templates make it seamless to create videos from images or clips. Its partnership with Getty Images also helps provide access to over one million stock assets.


There you have it! Try out the above apps and start reaping the benefits in no time. Have you tried the above apps before or are there other apps you would also recommend in addition to the above? Let us know in the comments section below


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