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Essential Twitter Ad Metrics


Twitter records over 330 million monthly users and over 3 billion account holders making it one of the most used social media platforms in the world today. As a result, organisations want to benefit from its potential for their marketing strategies. However, most companies do not really know how to get the most turnaround for their Tweets. Knowing how to track the right metrics on twitter can help you make well-informed decisions about your marketing campaigns for the future. The more you know about your target audience, the more you can convert every interaction you have with them to an effective strategy for success. This is why we have compiled five ad metrics to track when you want to find out what’s working for you on Twitter and how to find them.


Engagement Rate


Engagement rate is an important social media metrics a company can track easily. A look at your engagement rate should tell you whether your efforts on engaging and building connections with your audience is successful or not. To check your engagement rate, go into your dashboard on Twitter analytics and click on Engagement Rate. Twitter offers numerous ways in which your audience can engage with your brand. It accesses your engagement level every time someone follows you, retweets or replies to your post and even use your branded hashtags.


Content Performance


The right type of marketing is all about saying the right things to the right audience at the right time. To get this right, you can figure out what you need to increase your engagement and achieve your marketing goals by looking at your twitter follower stats and analytics information.

On your Twitter Analytics Page, check out the Tweets tab and there, you will find the engagement rate for each tweet and the number of impressions made. You are also able to get a more insightful view of each tweet’s performance.


Audience Type


Getting to know the people who follow you on Twitter is one of the goals you want to achieve while on Twitter. This is helpful in that it tells you the kind of audience you attract to your page and if they are useful to your future marketing campaigns. This insight gives you an overview of the type of audience you should tailor your content and messages toward. This information will help you ensure that you create the right content for the right audience based on demographics like the location where your followers are from, their interests, gender, etc.


Hashtag Performance


Hashtags are a very important feature of Twitter. It is almost impossible to run any social media campaign on without including a hashtag marketing plan in your campaign preparations. It is advised to stick to some specific branded tags for sometime to attract more people to your company page. However, it is important to also test some of your hashtags to see which ones generate the best results and which ones do otherwise. Knowing about which hashtags your followers respond to the most can be helpful in ensuring that your next campaign gives you the highest levels of engagement.




Your impressions show how many people are able to see your account everyday. High number of impressions and low number of engagements could perhaps indicate that you are not producing the right content, but it could also mean that you are appealing to a very specific target audience. Also, whenever someone has your Tweet delivered to their stream, Twitter counts an impression at that time. But just because your Tweet appears on their timeline doesn’t always necessarily translate to the conclusion that they have read it. This makes the Impressions metric a bit more complicated than the rest.


While we have just given you five metrics we think are essential, there are also other metrics out there that you can try out to drive your Twitter marketing campaign to the next level. Using these metrics will help ensure that you have the right tools and make the right decisions to enable you achieve your Twitter marketing campaign goals.


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