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Awesome Instagram Story Features You Must Try ASAP

Social Media keeps on evolving by the day and as exciting as that sounds, it might be hard to keep up with new features and developments on social media. Instagram one platform that keeps on adding new features every time in the bid to optimize and improve user experience. They’ve introduced many eye-catching features in recent years including Snapchat filters and other updates, some of which are fun, and others, very powerful. Although Instagram may have “borrowed” a lot of ideas from Snapchat, they are the favourite platform for marketers these days. For example, a 2017 study found that 41% of social media marketers were using Instagram Stories for their campaigns as opposed to a mere 9% using Snapchat Stories!

In case you are too busy and have missed all the updates released by Instagram, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we shall take a look at eight awesome Instagram stories features that you should try ASAP.


Instagram Stories Pool Sticker for Ads


This feature is one of the first interactive elements to get added to Instagram’s ad studio. It’s a simple two-option poll that shows results once someone picks an option. You are currently able to add this sticker to stories ads created for Instagram. The good thing about this feature is that results have been positive! In the beta launch for this new ad feature, some marketers had as high as 20% lower cost-per-view and up to 40% more app installs.


The “Close Friend” List


These lists might go unnoticed by a lot of marketers but with a bit of creativity, the list comes in handy for marketers. This list can be used to communicate with a group of special customers if you have any information that pertains to them specifically. For instance, specific content that you want to share with early adopters, or if you want specific people to be aware of a new store in a physical location, local customers can be added to make them aware. The close friend list is available on any Instagram Stories content. You can create your friend list and add/remove people at any time. No notifications are sent when you add or remove.


Instagram Stories Countdown Sticker


With the countdown sticker, you are able to set a future date and time and it automatically counts for you. There are a bunch of cool things you can use the countdown sticker with. For instance, using it to count down to a live video, using it to countdown to a new product release, using it to countdown to an announcement on Instagram and also counting down to an event you’ll be holding soon. The countdown sticker feature is highly interactive and gets your audience engaged with you and to get updates about your brand.


Hide Hashtags


Sometimes, instead of posting hashtags in the caption itself, some Instagrammers will put a block of hashtags in the first comment. This way, you have a caption that is clear and speaks only the message you want people to know. However, the post is still categorized in the hashtags you want!


Similarly, hashtags in your Insta Stories will help users locate your content through hashtags. You can also use the hashtags sticker in adding your hashtags as well as other great stickers you’d want to add. However, some people may have problems with the aesthetics of their story content with multiple hashtags. This is resolved by hiding your hashtags behind other stickers or behind colour swipes. Basically, if you start with the hashtags, every other thing can be layered on top such that your hashtags are not even visible.


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