13 Easy Tips To Give Your Content More Personality

It’s a good time to be unique.


But the question arises: is any content really unique in this day and age?


While content might not be unique, your perspective to it is. Whether it’s your style of writing or the structure you decide to give your article, giving your own take on a common topic gives it personality, and engages your reader – who already has a short attention span


In this post, we’ve rounded up some of our easiest tips to give your content more personality, and make it a great read overall. 



  • Don’t Write – Talk


We’ve often been schooled to learn that there’s a difference between how we speak and how we write. Writing with an extensive vocabulary and long-winding sentences isn’t going to engage your readers – writing like you talk is. While this doesn’t mean informality, imaging your reader in a face-to-face conversation can help communication flow more freely, and you’ll automatically add personality to your writing.



  • Have Opinions 


When we talk about having a unique perspective, it means having an opinion about something. Maybe someone never thought of something the way you put it. Regardless of the topic, don’t be afraid to express your views – politely -, and back it up with empirical evidence, or anecdotes and experiences. 



  • Make Us Emotional


Tug on people’s heartstrings a little. Stories that elicit emotional responses are more widely shared than ones that don’t. If you’re wondering how your particular topic can be emotional (joyful, painful, angry), look at it from a reader’s perspective. Use emotionally-charged words. Tell stories. Make us cry (happy) tears.

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  • Would You Want to Read It?


Create content that matters to people. When you proofread your article or are even laying out the structure of it, think about who you’re writing for, and what kind of information they would like, in what format. If it’s not interesting to you, it’s unlikely to be interesting to someone else.



  • Be Helpful 


People usually read things because they have questions they’re hoping you can answer. Be memorable by explaining why something is important and what they can do with it, rather than just reciting what you know. When you lay solutions out in a simple, easy-to-digest way, people will thank you for it.



  • Formalise Your Formatting 


It’s important to remember that sometimes, people don’t ‘read’ content, they just skim through it. That makes it essential to have good formatting skills: short paragraphs, consistent alignment, using subheadings, italics – anything that makes reading easier on the eyes. Our article on copy hacks for persuasive writing can help you out, too.



  • Tell Us a Powerful Story


There’s a reason humans have been telling stories since the dawn of civilisation. Their ability to capture imaginations and build morale are just some of the compelling reasons to write. Use anecdotes to transform a potentially dry topic into something readers can relate to, as long as they don’t distract from the body of the conversation.



  • Was That Rhetorical?


As Aristotle said, the persuasive power of rhetoric is immense. Rhetorical questions get readers thinking, or at least curious enough to read on what the answer could be. It’s important not to include too many of these, or else you might risk a frustrated reader feeling like they’re being interrogated, with more questions than answers. 



  • Include Fascinating Figures 


Kill two birds with one stone: educate, and entertain. Research your topic well and find interesting facts that you can spontaneously include throughout your articles to keep readers interested. 


After all, did you know one dialect of a world language dies every 14 days?



  • Use Humour


We like to laugh, especially if we’re expecting the driest of nonfiction and suddenly see a line that makes us laugh out loud. You humanise yourself and make yourself more relatable, all the while getting people to drop their mental guards for long enough to genuinely listen to your message.

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  • Be Suspenseful
    Keep people on the edge of their seats. Some people call this the “holy grail of writing” – knowing what the most interesting part of your article is and building up to it. The power of asking questions is enormous, and using it as a tactic to keep your reader engaged cannot be undermined.




  • Stay Curious.


Develop a constant sense of wonder about your chosen field. What are the new developments? Where is it headed? Give a contrary view (while staying sensitive). Think critically about content you’re consuming and putting out because content creators are curious creatures by nature. 



  • Be Positive.


We know this isn’t easy during pandemic times. But often, the smallest glimmer of positivity and hope is found in the most unexpected of places. Stay enthusiastic, and people will come back to you when they associate your content with something good.

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