10 Social Media Mistakes That Will Lose You New Business

Let’s discuss a social media strategy gone wrong. 


According to Statista, 80 percent of American companies believe that they deliver exceptional customer service on social media. 


Opposite this statistic, only 8 percent of the customers of these companies agree with this. 


That’s a huge margin of error, and happens because companies might not be able to get the results they want because of irrelevant marketing strategies.


We say it often, but social media not only helps you connect with existing and potential customers, but also widens your brand reach, awareness, and adds to its recognition – all with a little creativity, which our digital marketing agency can help you do.


Luckily, we’re all human, and we make mistakes. On social media, it’s easy to work through them. This post points out some social media mistakes you might be doing that can lose your new business. 



  • Not Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy 


So you’ve made a profile, added all your business information, put out great content to attract attention… and then disappeared. We don’t want that to happen. Build your social media presence, and understand what it is you want from your social media handles. 


Do you want likes and followers? Do you want to cement your brand authority? Make a space to create leads? Know what your goal is, and you’ll automatically start looking for ways to achieve it. 



  • Too Much Self-Promotion


We know not to spam our audiences, but how do we really prevent it? 


Be subtle but powerful – use referrals and testimonials to lend to your credibility, and engage in conversations instead of just promoting sales. This way, effective engagement means people sing your praises for you. 



  • Not Using Multiple Forms of Content 


Lots of text, not enough graphics – this is the key to monotony. Keep your website and blog interesting by posting regularly. This means more than text, such as infographics, videos, and high-quality images. 


People love graphics, because they are easier to consume and provide visual stimulation as well. 



  • Avoiding or Deleting Negative Feedback 


Negative feedback can actually help you increase your customer service and build trust in your brand. Look at it as a chance to turn the complainant into a loyal customer, because you’ve addressed their issue and encouraged them to talk about it with other people. 


Source: Airbnb on Youtube



  • Being Too “Corporate” 


People like talking to people. Faceless corporations abound on social media, and it’s important not to become one of them. Including that human touch into your content increases your engagement, especially if you respond personally to people. 



  • Not Enough Engagement


A lot of companies put out great content and update often, but rarely take the time out to engage with their audience. This lack of conversation can decrease your social media presence and discourage people from building valuable relationships with your brand. 



  • Who are You Targeting? 


When you’ve made your customer personas, you know where to go on social media to meet your target audience. When you don’t really know who you’re targeting, it can be a little like taking shots in the dark – people who might genuinely be interested in your brand won’t see you. Build personas to create targeted, personalised content. 



  • Being Irregular


Once you’ve made a strategy and started posting regularly, not posting on an anticipated day can really affect your engagement rates. Irregular content means things are hidden from your followers, who can come to expect particular content on certain days. Try and schedule posts to automatically post certain times a week. 



  • Buying Followers 


Some brands buy followers or participate in follower exchange programs, but we don’t suggest it. This only gives the appearance of popularity, but can run the risk of your page being banned or deleted permanently. 


Use your social media handles to publish useful content that has been created to help your audience instead. 



  • Not Using Paid Promotion Tools 


Every social media platform has opportunities for you to “boost” posts and your page directly to a targeted audience, who can become potential customers. 


Tribe of Brands can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys, and digital marketing campaigns.


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